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Stockists, Importer & Suppliers of Winding Wires & Insulation Materials.

Established in the year 1994, Electro Trans/Pioneer Wire and Insulation is a leading supplier of Electrical Insulation materials used in Electrical Motors, Power & Distribution Transformers and Switchgears.

Electro Trans/Pioneer Wire and Insulation specializes in Insulation Boards, Insulating Kraft Papers, Press Papers and Insulating Crepe Papers used in manufacturing and repairing Power/ Distribution Transformers, Capacitors, Motors and DPC Wires.
"Amotfors" Make Sweeden Origin / "ITC" Mfgd.
'Tribeni', UBIL, Electrical Gr. Ins. Kraft Paper.

Imported Insulation Press Boards, Ordinary & Pre-Compressed Suitable for Power Transformers.

ESS ELL BRAND Super Enamelled Copper As per IS Specification.

ASPHA & KHATIMA Leatheroid & Pressphan Paper Dyed & undyed.

Pure & Laminated Nomex Composite, Kapton and all Winding Insulations 'A' TO 'H' Class Insulation.

Vulcanised Fiber Boards & Sheet & all Fibre Glass Product.

Paper Covered, Cotton Covered, Glass Covered, Copper & Alluminium Wires & strips.

Crepe Papers, Epoxy Dotted Papers etc. & Slit Tapes of Kraft & Crepe.

S.R.B.P. (Bakelite) Mica Tubes & Sheets and all kinds of Fibre Glass / Cotton Products-Tapes,Sleevings, Cables, Sheets etc.

Polyester Film, Slit Tapes, Coloured Tapes. (As per Specification)

Adhesive Tapes Coloured & Transparent Tapes.